Samsonite showcases Lite-Shock luggage with immersive OOH campaign

Singapore, April 2017

Samsonite, a name synonymous with quality and durability, has chalked up a new high with its latest innovation that is set to capture the hearts and minds of individuals with a preference for light weight travel luggage that does not compromise on other essential qualities.

The Lite-Shock range of super lightweight suitcases is created with Samsonite's Curv technology that is characterised by hard shell, self-reinforced organic design, shock absorbency, and ultra-light, high comfort components. The result is a combination of lightness, strength and elegance in the final product, while still retaining its visually stunning design and colourful ranges.

Samsonite chose the busy commuter walkways of Raffles Place to launch the Out-of-Home campaign for the Lite-Shock, in collaboration with SPHMBO, OOH advertising arm of SPH. The centrepiece is a 20m underground wallscape at Ocean Financial Centre that can be seen by scores of working PMEBs who use the walkway as the main route from the MRT station to the other parts of the CBD. That Lite-Shock is "incredibly light yet unbelievably tough" is a consistent message that is seen by people both here, and also in Marina Bay Link Mall, where Samsonite has, additionally, taken up 10 large format, high quality lightboxes to showcase the new, exciting 1.7kg light suitcase.

“Samsonite is a brand synonymous with innovation and quality. Our commitment to the category forces us to constantly innovate and set new standards for travel solutions. With this new campaign, we are confident that Samsonite will dominate the visual hotspots where our target audience will take notice, complementing our digital and earned media efforts. Since we launched this campaign, we have seen more consumers enquiring about our revolutionary Curv technology.”  Satish Peerubandi, General Manager, Samsonite Singapore.