Allianz drives product awareness with lenticular installation

Singapore, 17 May 2017

With the world inundated by so much information, Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) is committed to connect with its customers. It aims to deliver something fresh in order to retain top-of-mind awareness in Singapore’s financial arena.

AllianzGI, iNNN Creative Solutions, Carat Singapore and the outdoor arm of SPH - SPHMBO, transformed the 37m ordinary wallscape along the underground pedestrian walkway at Ocean Financial Centre to a purposeful and creative lenticular “art piece”. A series of simple and effective messages, which gradually reveal themselves as one walks in either direction along the walkway, are also embedded in the lenticular display. On top of the ‘wow’ factor, there is an element of mystery and surprise when one takes it all in.


It is exciting to see how AllianzGI develops new ways to present their investment ideas. Aimed at the PMEB crowd working in the financial district, the creative execution reflects its two-word philosophy “Understand. Act.”. Just as the statement implies, AllianzGI aims to stand out as the trusted investment partner by understanding clients’ needs and acting decisively with different strategies to help clients go further with their investments and grow their wealth.

Ms Peggy Lee, Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer of Greater China & South East Asia, Allianz Global Investors, said: “Media spaces have gradually been ’serving as’ wallpapers to audiences in crowded areas. To stand out from the crowd and catch our audiences’ attention, we made the best use of this large media space in this prime location to deploy a 2-way lenticular. Not only do we want to invite our audiences to “interact” with our interesting lenticular design, we also want to encourage them to explore and discover by themselves the “hidden” messages AllianzGI would like to bring out.”

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